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Sting is a biological fungicide shown to synthesize antifungal peptides. It persists in the environment and protects the crops effectively from fungal and bacterial pathogen in bananas, soyabean, peanuts, wheat, barley, cotton and vegetables. It controls diseases like black and yellow Sigatoka in Bananas



Seed Treatment: Mix 10 – 20 ml for treating 1 kg of the seed. Treated seeds are not exposed to direct sunlight. The lead time between seed treatment and sowing must be minimal. Avoid blending of treated seeds with any chemical fertilizer or pesticide formulations.

Soil Application: Mix up to 200ml of Sting per 20L of water. Apply sufficient quantities per cubic meter. E.g. 2L of mixture per banana plant base to control fusarium wilt.

Foliar Spray: Mix 120ml of Sting with 20 Litres of water. Application must be when the environmental conditions are conducive for disease occurrence and rapid spread. Spraying should be done at an interval of 7 to 10 days depending upon the crop and intensity of disease.

Addition of a sticking agent will facilitate sticking of the bacterial cells on the target crops and also helps in the proliferation of the Bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) leading to better control.

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