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Nimbecidine EC is a neem-oil-based botanical insecticide and occurs naturally in Neem. Nimbecidine exhibits multiple modes of action by acting as an Anti-feedant, Repellent, Ovi-position Deterrent, Anti-feedant, Insect Growth Regulator and Sterilant. It effectively controls the economically important pests such as Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, Mealy bugs, Caterpillars and Leafhoppers in a wide range of crops.

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Foliar spray – Prepare the spray fluid by mixing Nimbecidine 5 ml per 1 Litre of water. The spray fluid should be applied targeting the pests directly. The dosage and spray fluid volume required varies with the pest level, crop canopy and the local spray practices.
Apply preferably in the early morning or late evening hours.

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500ml & 1L


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