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Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited, is one of the oldest and largest agro-chemical distributing companies in Uganda. Since 1973, Bukoola Chemical Industries has remained committed to consistently importing, repackaging and distributing agro-chemicals in Uganda. We place keen emphasis on quality and therefore provide our clients with only superior products.

The company started as a general merchandise family business in 1973, which later evolved into an agrochemical business trading as the Associated Chemical Industries Limited (ACIL) in 1980.

In 1996, Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited was born with a vision of being the leading importer and distributor of quality and affordable crop protection products in Uganda.

We are known for top quality products and customer based services in the range of exceptional insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, immune boosters, fertilizers, anti-stress chemicals and a number of selective and non-selective herbicides. To maintain the efficiency of these products, we continuously re-test them to offer you the quality you deserve.

Mission Statement

Bukoola’s mission is to satisfy customer needs with excellent products to increase incomes through higher crop yields.


To be the leading importer, formulator and distributor of quality and affordable crop protection products in the region.